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CMF nominated by supporter and selected to win $1,000 from HSN Cares

We are thrilled to share with you that our organization was chosen by HSN Cares for their $1,000 a Day Giveaway, and announced live MAY 19, 2017 on HSN.   We were nominated by one of our supporters to HSN Cares, the charitable arm of HSN. Thank you for always supporting our organization in our mission and for your passion and creativity when you hear of opportunities like this. HSN Cares is dedicated to empowering women and helping families in times of need.


An unfortunate reality is that tragedy and loss will always be a part of life. What you choose to do in the face of that tragedy will ultimately define the event.  The Carin MacLean Foundation is as much about celebrating a woman’s beautiful existence, as it is about what a group of close friends dedicated themselves to building in the aftermath of a significant loss. 
Cancer.  It’s one of the few words in our daily vernacular that will stop you right in your tracks and demand your attention.  No matter who you are or what you do, that one word hits like a hammer.  Being one of the most common diseases facing humanity today will bring you no comfort.  When you hear someone mention cancer it’s almost like darkness falls, a black cloud has suddenly drifted into your world blocking out everything else.      


5K fundraiser will celebrate life of Kaitlin Licht

By BRITTANY BALLANTYNE, Valley Breeze Staff Writer

CUMBERLAND – Kaitlin Licht walked into chemotherapy, and cheered up fellow patients awaiting their treatment. Despite her ongoing battle with breast cancer, “I refuse to let them be sad when I’m there,” she’d say.

She’d put on makeup and a smile before her appointments. Sometimes, even if she’d cry during conversations with her doctor, she’d tell her friends and supporters, “I look in the mirror (and) I fix my makeup.”

Licht, who lost her battle with cancer in February at the age of 31, was a fighter, her friends say, and in many ways, they say, her fight lives on through the Carin MacLean Foundation (CMF).

The nonprofit provides direct financial assistance to New England parents and their families dealing with cancer, and this year’s 5K walkathon will be held in honor of Licht’s life.

“She believed in our mission as strongly as we believe in our mission,” said Jill Goldfarb-Pine, of Lincoln, one of the co-founders of CMF, which was established in 2014.


Local women create foundation for cancer patients

When Carin MacLean, lost her battle to cancer, three of her closest friends, Alison Fitzgerald, Jill Pine and Patricia McCoy created a foundation in her memory.


By JESSICA BOISCLAIR, Valley Breeze Staff Writer

LINCOLN - After losing their best friend to cancer in 2013, three local women created a memorial foundation as a way to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families.

Trish McCoy of Cumberland, Jill Pine of Lincoln, and Alison Fitzgerald of Seekonk, Mass., started the Carin MacLean Foundation in the spring of 2014.

"We're trying to help other people while keeping her story alive," said McCoy.

MacLean, a native of Portland, Maine, and a former resident of Pawtucket, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2010.

Fitzgerald met MacLean at Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1996, and said when she first found out about the diagnosis, she was in denial.

"She was 34. She was very healthy," she added. "They had originally given her four to six months, but she didn't tell us that."

MacLean, however, would fight against the disease for two years, McCoy said, and "she fought like you wouldn't think anything was wrong."  


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