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"I have tremendous gratitude and bittersweet thankfulness for The Carin MacLean Foundation. Although I never met Carin face to face, we were email buddies sharing our stories, our frustrations, and our hopes. Her humor and attitude always helped keep me going. So I wish there wasn't a foundation because that would mean Carin was still here with us but the foundation is an incredible way to honor her and her spirit. I feel blessed to have been a recipient and made sure I used part of the gift to do something fun because I know Carin wanted me to do that. As the patient it is often difficult to think about ourselves because we are so worried about our families and everyone else around us. So I thank the foundation and Carin's amazing friends for helping to allow myself a little pampering. I love that her friends had this idea and have seen it take off. This foundation is going to help so many in the name of the beautiful Carin MacLean. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me to be a recipient last year. I will never forget what you all did for me and my family!"


-Toni Lyng, November 2015

"Out of a great loss, came a great idea and the love of three friends has developed into help for those who need it most at the most difficult time in their lives. The Carin MacLean Foundation has created a goal of financially assisting adults while they battle cancer. The three co-founders have spent countless hours to plan, organize, and implement fundraising to gather funds for families that are in the fight of their lives, just like their good friend Carin. By supporting this foundation, my family feels good about the financial help that is being given to those fighting cancer.  Additionally, what is absolutely clear to me, is that the money this foundation generates goes directly to families in true need.  This is why our family continues to make supporting the Carin MacLean Foundation a priority for our charitable activities and financial support.  I hope that you will take the time to learn more about the foundation's philosophy and its goal to help more families in need and make the same choice our family did to support the Carin MacLean Foundation."


-Megan Trotter-Mayo February 2016

"When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November of 2013 my children were only 1, 3, and almost 6. Our world quickly turned upside down and it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. My husband wanted to be by my side during all of my treatments and procedures but financially this was impossible. We had amazing family and church family that stepped in and helped us in more ways than we could ever say. On top of all of the regular stress and worries that come along with cancer there is the added pressure of the financial burden. Through the love and generosity of the Carin MacLean Foundation we were humbled and amazed at the financial gift that they presented to us  and were able to pay our bills without a strain. Words could never express our appreciation for what this  foundation did for us in our time of need, and we will forever be grateful. Praise God it has been over two years and I am doing really well! 13 months of weekly chemotherapy, 33 days of intense radiation, 5 surgeries and continual maintenance drugs at Yale every three weeks are keeping me going, and the love and prayers of our family and friends and out great God is what is sustaining us. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for pouring out your love and generosity on a family you had never even met but helped with what was the hardest time in our life become a little easier.

-Love and blessings to all of you, April and Chris Robert, and Faith, Savannah Grace, and Isabella Hope."  February 2016

"I have had the privilege of watching this foundation from the start. After losing Carin to this awful disease, I was proud of my sister, Alison, for taking the negative and turning it into something so positive.  Her goal, along with Trish and Jill, was to help parents and their families, like Carin's, with everyday burdens and put some ease into their daily struggles and I think she's doing a fantastic job. Alison, Jill & Trish pour their hearts and souls into this foundation, and as a team they can achieve anything.  Their hopes in growing this nationwide would be so beneficial for so many people out there. I would love for it to come to fruition.  They work tirelessly to get the donations they need whether it be through fundraisers or sponsors to continue helping others.  Their work is always with the thought of others in mind, and I know they will continue to do great things through the help of your support."


-Amy Mersch January 2016 

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