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Recipient Updates



Tricia Bergantino



An update from a past recipient. We are so grateful for the connections we make. This amazing mom now pays it forward by being a continuous support to CMF, making sure other moms have the same support she did!

4 years past diagnosis

November 1, 2022 was a significant personal holiday. I survived 4 years beyond my surprise diagnosis of stage 3b colon cancer.

The journey back to health has been a long road but I am getting stronger each passing year.

I started my journey scared and worried if I would see my daughter grow up and if I would get to see her first birthday.

Terrified of treatment but needing to focus on my health, I took a medical leave from work. I was one of the first recipients for the CMF’s assistance in 2019. With the support of the organization, I thrived and focused on getting better and being present.

Since my treatment, I have had a couple of changes. First my job: I am fortunate enough to find a role that I can work 95% from home. This allows me to focus on my health, my career and my family with a little more ease. With my new role, there is some travel here and there but mostly it is from home. Secondly, we were lucky that we had some frozen embryos at the time of my diagnosis. This mean that we had the opportunity to expand our family. In early 2020, I received the all clear for an embryo transfer. In October of 2020, we lovingly welcomed our son who is now 2. In addition to celebrating my son, I am thrilled to watch my daughter continue to grow up. A milestone for us is that in January 2022, we celebrated her 4th birthday at Disney World with the raffle tickets I won from a CMF fundraiser!

I look back on the past few years and I am thankful for the friendship and support from CMF. They made a difference in my life when I was at the lowest point. Thank you all for supporting such an amazing organization and women like me!

Tricia Bergantino

April Robert



CMF’s VERY first recipient April (2014) checked in with us from Texas last month and we wanted to share!

Her story is a great reminder to never give up hope even when things seem so dark. With her diagnosis she was told she had months to live….incurable… And you know what?! She has been cancer free for years!! Things happen all time drs can’t predict. We are so happy to hear her family is doing amazing!

Hi!!! Thank you so much for reaching out!! I appreciate it!! I am doing well, praise God! 9 years and 15 surgeries, radiation and hundreds of hours of chemo and immunotherapy but going strong!

God is so good! Our girls are all great- almost 15, 12, and 10 now! My how the time goes!! I am keeping busy volunteering at the girls schools and with my Bible study group, and we are actually getting ready to move back home to be closer to family again we think! We will see what God does!

I hope you are all happy and well and that you have a beautiful Christmas season with your family!

Love and blessings to you!

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